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About this Webinar:

"If hospitality is about making people feel seen, the best way to treat them is not like a commodity, but as a unique individual. Unreasonable hospitality means that one size fits one." -Will Guidara

Hundreds of communities have taken great strides in designing and operating a behavioral health crisis system that is accessible, community-based, and person centered. So how do we take crisis services from good to great? It might boil down to one word: hospitality. From service design and delivery to workforce, crisis services must be infused with elements of hospitality to achieve their greatest purpose.

In this webinar, unlock the secrets of hospitality in service industries while discovering their relevance in crisis settings. Learn how to put the elements of hospitality into practice while avoiding the pitfalls of an environment devoid of whole-hearted hospitality. "

About the Presenters

Tess Parker, LMSW, is a Clinical Consultant with TBD Solutions. Tess has worked for over a decade in the public behavioral health system, serving individuals in crisis settings, state psychiatric hospitals, and residential care. Tess has delivered presentations on national stages at industry conferences, and she has facilitated numerous trainings on innovative clinical practices and effective management strategies.

Travis Atkinson, LPC, is the Director of Clinical & Crisis Services with TBD Solutions. For over 20 years, Travis has served persons with mental illness in outpatient, inpatient, and crisis settings. He has served on expert panels with SAMHSA and was a primary author of the Crisis Residential Best Practices Handbook.