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About this Webinar:

Suicide prevention and the car industry share an unexpected similarity in facing a daunting question: How do we prevent deaths that we cannot predict?

Over the course of 30 years, American car makers addressed this question and reduced motor vehicle fatalities by 50%, an incredible outcome accomplished by unconventional approaches on what to do and how to do it. By conceding they could not predict fatal car accidents, engineers and designers shifted their goal to reducing all car accidents and of making unpreventable car accidents more survivable. Their focus shifted from changing individuals to changing environments.

Recent suicide prevention research supports what we can glean from the car industry's approach. Both the dramatic reduction in car accident fatalities and the best outcomes in suicide prevention focus on changing an individual's environment. Crisis residential services are uniquely positioned to implement this environmental approach to save lives.

Learning Objectives:

This webinar will present the evidence for an environmentally based approach to suicide care and will equip crisis residential services with specific strategies to apply this approach.